Sunday, September 16, 2012

Intense battle over Florence copper project

Real estate developers have the support of Florence town leaders in opposing the proposed underground in situ copper leaching process.  The town has closed down the offices of Curis Resources, made copper recovery illegal within two miles of the town, and banned the use of the sulfuric acid in copper operations (but not other applications). The Arizona Republic's put together an overview of what looks to be one of the nastiest such battles in Arizona history.

The paper followed up with articles on the in situ process where a weak acidic solution is pumped underground to leach the copper out of the rocks and pumped back to the surface for recovery [right, credit Curis Resources], and another on some of the political back story

A Curis representative told the Arizona Mining Alliance luncheon crowd on Friday that they are moving forward with permits to start the copper project on state lands by next year.

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