Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Preliminary Announcement: Basin and Range Province Seismic Hazards Summit III

The Utah Geological Survey and Western States Seismic Policy Council will convene a Basin and Range Province Seismic Hazard Summit III (BRPSHSIII) January 12 - 17, 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The purpose of BRPSHSIII is to bring together geologists, seismologists, geodesists, engineers, emergency managers, and policy makers to present and discuss the latest earthquake-hazards research, and to evaluate research implications for hazard reduction and public policy in the Basin and Range Province.

BRPSHSIII will include a paleoseismology workshop, fieldtrip along the Salt Lake City segment of the Wasatch fault, poster session, and a proceedings volume.  Paper contributed to the proceedings volume will be published digitally in the Utah Geological Survey's Miscellaneous Publication series.  Digital versions of posters will also be included in the proceedings volume.

BRPSHSIII will include a proceedings volume and a poster session. The papers contributed to the proceedings volume will be published digitally by the UGS, and digital versions of posters can also be included in the volume. Manuscripts are due to the proceedings volume editor by November 31, 2014. If interested in contributing a paper or poster on Basin and Range seismic-hazard research or public policy, please submit a title by September 30, 2014 to:

William Lund, Proceedings Volume Editor | Utah Geological Survey | tel 435-865-9034 | fax 435-865-9037

For additional information and online registration, see the BRPSHSIII webpage at

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