Monday, December 17, 2012

Energy plan and data for Arizona

 The Arizona Energy Consortium released its Arizona Energy Roadmap with a 10-year vision where
"Arizona is the energy hub of the Southwest, with a diverse energy mix supporting reliable transmission, a strong base of manufacturing facilities, increased numbers of higher wage jobs, and world-class research institutions, resulting in increased economic development for the state and region."

AEC is a committee of the Arizona Technology Council. The Roadmap calls for a focus in these areas [table at right]:

Meanwhile, the US Department of Energy's Energy Information Agency (popularly known as EIA) has developed a new State Energy Portal -  EIA says "this expanded feature includes new energy maps with over 30 selectable layers as well as better data usability including charting, graphing and comparisons. [Top, Arizona energy consumption by sector.  Credit, EIA] The portal is currently in Beta while EIA is actively seeking feedback from stakeholders for future updates and improvements."    One thing we notice is that  they don't have links to data from State Geological Surveys.   We have some thoughts about rectifying that.

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