Saturday, January 05, 2013

Reorganization focuses on Economic Geology and Geologic Extension

We made some organizational changes at AZGS with the start of the New Year.     The Phoenix Branch Office is now the Economic Geology Section, focusing on mining and mineral resources.     The staff in the temporary offices at 1520 W. Adams on the Capitol Mall, are mostly the former staff of the AZ Dept. of Mining and Mineral Resources that joined AZGS through the merger in 2011.    This also clarifies that offices duties separate from other Phoenix-based staff who work on hazards and environmental issues.   Nyal Niemuth will now be Chief of the Economic Geology Section.

The former Economic Geology Section, based in Tucson, is renamed the Mapping Program, continued to be managed by AZGS Chief Geologist Jon Spencer.

A number of outreach and information functions have been consolidated into the Geologic Extension Service, including the Arizona Experience online museum and store, marketing, and tech transfer.   This will help ensure a coordinated approach to carrying the many statutory responsibilities AZGS has in communicating our scientific results to citizens, industry, and decision makers.  Mike Conway continues as Chief of the GES.

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