Monday, July 18, 2016

Legislators call for restoring AZGS state funding

Arizona State Senator Gail Griffin and Rep.  Bob Thorpe are quoted in a news story in Eos ( this morning saying they want the legislature and governor to restore the state funding to the Arizona Geological Survey that was eliminated June 30.

According to the article, Sen. Griffin said she is working to include a line item in next year’s budget for the survey “to put back the funding that was stripped this past year.” It goes on to state that "Griffin said she hopes to discuss the issue with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, a fellow Republican, this week."

Rep. Thorpe raised the idea of a emergency funding this year but "if nothing else, plan on this for the next fiscal year."

Sen. Griffin said, “I believe there are unintended consequences with this move, and I would like the situation to be reevaluated.”

[Right, photo used in the Eos article, shows AZGS geologist, Dr. Jeri Young uncovering one of the seismic station vaults near Douglas, AZ, that AZGS runs as part of the state's earthquake monitoring network.  Funding for the network is at risk. AZGS photo.]

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