Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Volunteers unload AZGS library in Phoenix museum

A flood of volunteers showed up at the former mining and mineral museum in Phoenix today to unload thousands of volumes from the AZGS's libraries onto temporary shelving.

AZGS was forced to shut down our Phoenix office and dramatically reduce our Tucson assets as a result of consolidation of state agencies, which eliminated our state budget as of June 30 and transferred our duties to the University of Arizona.    

UA does not have space in Phoenix and only limited space in Tucson to house AZGS staff and resources.   Most of the Phoenix library was preserved by moving it into the former mineral museum for storage until we can find a way to re-open that facility.  We also sent key materials from our Tucson library to fill out the collection and protect them from disposal.  

We dismantled the library shelving in Tucson and reassembled it in Phoenix.  Volunteers came in today to take the library materials from moving carts and put them on the shelves. The carts were returned to the moving company.

We cannot thank this group of hard-working individuals enough for their help in these challenging times.

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  1. I'm so glad you found a spot for your books. I hope the Mining and Mineral Museum will be open again some day!