Monday, April 12, 2010

Assessing damage from the Sierra El Mayor quake

Here in Arizona, the Easter Sunday earthquake was a conversation piece for a few days, but the novelty has worn off.  But in northern Baja and southern California, residents are still trying to recover.   A story in today's LA Times, lists schools closed, water systems seriously damaged, 5,200 homes  in Baja, and did possibly hundreds of millions of dollars in damage.  One Californian man is in critical condition.

They quote the USGS as calling the aftershock sequence "robust" including three magnitude 4's yesterday.   [right, Mexicali damage.  Credit, twitpic]


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  2. There are excellent vids on You Tube of cracks crossing the Mexicali-San Felipe road, just south of the Cerro Prieto volcano. There also some of water volcanoes, and reports of warm reddish water gushing up during the quake. If you type in Spanish words for earthquake, in You Tube search box, you'll get many more videos.