Thursday, July 21, 2011

Potash exploration programs expand in Holbrook basin

Two companies have added a total of nine more core holes to their potash exploration programs in the Holbrook basin of eastern Arizona. Southwest Exploration/Passport Potash had 4 drilling permits approved by the Arizona Oil and Gas Conservation Commission this week; HNZ Potash had 5 permits approved.

At last report, 4 drill rigs were at work in the basin, working for these two companies and American West Potash. [right, AZGS potash viewer, showing permitted core holes in the deposit]

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  1. Anonymous9:19 PM


    The big question these days is how close are the three companies working together and why have there been so few cores/assays released from the companies.

    I realize HNZ is private but Prospect Global(Americanwest) and Passport are public.

    From way up here in Canada,far from the basin, it would appear that there are some serious cores being pulled but everything appears to be being held close to the companies.

    Is there anything from your state geo dept that you can share with your blog readers as to what is going on on the ground?

    Thank you,

    Rob C. (PPI shareholder)