Monday, April 02, 2012

War of words heats up over northern Arizona uranium

The Washington Times ran an op-ed by William Perry Pendley of the Mountain States Legal Foundation concluded that "If America is to have a nuclear energy future, a federal court, perhaps the Supreme Court of the United States, will have to issue the order opening the door to that future." [Right, Arizona Strip. Credit, ASU]

The New York Times opines that "Uranium Mines Dot Navajo Land, Neglected and Still Perilous" and compares the national security driven uranium frenzy of the 1950-60s on the Navajo Reservation to the breccia pipe exploration of today.

And the St. George (Utah) Spectrum says environmental groups (Sierra Club, Wilderness Society, and Center for Biological Diversity) are proposing to create a new national monument across the Arizona Strip.

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