Friday, October 27, 2017

One Paleontologist's / Data Scientist's Experience at the Geological Society of America's 2017 Annual Meeting

 For this invited blog by AZGS's newest hire Andrew Zaffos, visit our new Arizona Geology blog site:
Andrew Zaffos in the center.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Great Arizona ShakeOut Results

The Great Arizona ShakeOut enrolled more 111,000 people. To learn more you'll have to join us at our new blog environment.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Dear Readers, 
Portal page of new Arizona Geology Blog

After 10 years and more than 4,000 blog posts (and more than 1-million views), the Arizona Geological Survey’s State Geologist’s Blog has moved to a fresh, more attractive web environment:

When Lee Allison, former Arizona Geological Survey Director (now deceased), published his first post, Arizona lives and dies by its geology, on Monday, 1 January 2017, he could not have known that by October 2017, the blog site would be populated by 4,340 posts, more than 4,200 authored by Lee.

With Lee at the helm blog subjects ranged widely, in-tune with Lee’s probing and inquisitive mind. Topics included: discussions of mineral resources of Arizona; earthquake events in the desert southwest; ASU researchers searching for alien artifacts on the Moon; causative processes of core complexes; rapid incision of Grand Canyon about 4.8 Mya; freshly minted digital geologic maps (e.g., Geologic Map of the Dome Rock Mountains); the Holbrook potash land rush; copper production in Arizona; Arizona mining laws; episodes of the Arizona Mining Review; AZGS efforts to monitor aftershocks following the M5.3 Duncan event of June 2014; impacts associated with earth fissures; Great Arizona ShakeOut; launching of the National Geothermal Data System and Arizona Geological Survey’s Mining Data repository; and much more. (You can cover a lot of ground in 4200+ posts.)

New Arizona Geology Blog Environment

We are not moving to this new sight lightly, but this new space provides more functionality and an opportunity to build a stronger dialogue with our readers.

Some included features and advantages of the new site:
  · Mobile-enabled
  · Multi-media capability
  · Finding aids for post search
  · Posts are indexed by category
  · Improved social sharing (in the works)
  · Improvement in design, presentation & efficacy
  · Hosting invited blogs from others in the Earth Science community

Field-Tested & Launched -  The new blog site has been field tested and is performing well. Original posts residing there now, include:

   Arizona Mining Review: Interview with ASARCO’s Joe Wilhelm on retrofitting the 105-year old Hayden Smelter 
  Getting real about earthquakes in Arizona: AZGS at work for Arizona

Over the next several months, we plan to migrate all 4,340 posts from Lee’s original site to this new site.

Please join us at our new site for frequent and telling updates on the state of Arizona’s mineral resources, new geologic maps and reports, and for geologic hazard assessment and analysis: landslides, floods, earthquakes, debris flows, earth fissure, radon, and more. 

AZGS Staff