Thursday, September 26, 2013

Invitation to participate in global survey of mining jurisdictions

The Fraser Institute, Canadian public policy think-tank, conducts an annual survey of how miners and explorers rate the investment climate of jurisdictions around the world. The results identify the countries, states and provinces whose policies create the greatest barriers to investment in the mining sector.

[Update 10/13/13:  Fraser Institute advised us that they are having some difficulties with the link to the Mining Survey embedded in some of the advertising material. This has resulted in participants receiving an error message when they try to access the survey. Please use the following link: ]

To participate in this year’s survey, please click here. To find out further information about the survey, please contact Alana Wilson, survey coordinator, at +1(604)688-0221 Ext.547 or

Officers, managers, and other experts with mining exploration and development companies, and their advisors, are asked to complete the 2013 survey questionnaire with respect to jurisdictions about which they are knowledgeable. Participation is electronic, at:  2013 Mining Survey

The Survey of Mining Companies: 2012/2013 (published February 2013) ranked the investment climate of 96 jurisdictions around the world based on the opinions of mining executives representing 742 mineral exploration and development companies. Participating companies reported exploration spending of $6.2 billion US in 2012 and $5.4 billion US in 2011.

They have shortened the survey questionnaire this year and it can be completed in less than 15 minutes. Participants will be thanked by receiving an electronic copy of the survey at the time of its release, as well as being entered into a draw to win $1,000 (USD) if they provide their contact information. All information collected through the survey remains confidential. 

[excerpted from Fraser Institute materials]

September edition of Arizona Mining Review online: Wildcat Silver, digitizing mining records, and more

The newest segment of Arizona Mining Review was broadcast on Sept. 25, featuring an interview with Greg Lucero, Vice President of Sustainability for Wildcat Silver.   Wildcat is exploring what could be one of the largest silver deposits in the country at its Hermosa project site near the town of Patagonia

Also joining me is Casey Brown, digital librarian at AZGS, who is managing our multi-year effort to digitize hundreds of thousands of documents, maps, and reports on mining and mineral resources in Arizona.

The online broadcast is recorded and posted to our YouTube channel:

Previous episodes can be viewed at the full AMR Playlist: