Friday, June 29, 2007

Comments invited on seismic hazard maps

Ken Fergason, president of the Phoenix chapter of AEG forwarded this message from the USGS:

The USGS has prepared updated draft versions of the national seismic hazard model and maps, intended only for public review and comment during June and July 2007, not for use.

The maps and documentation are available at: Follow the link for "2007 NSHMP Draft Documentation". Most of you will only be interested in the "(Preliminary) Documentation" and "(Preliminary) Maps". Interactive, zoomable GIS versions of the maps are available via the "Interactive Maps" button in the blue zone to the left of the "Documentation" and "Maps" buttons; you can zoom in on any location in the 48 states. Other links access additional maps, arrays of ground motions for various PEs, input data, and the hazard software. Data content at some these links is still being updated, but the documentation and hazard values should be stable during the review period. [above right - peak ground acceleration, with 2% chance of occurring in 50 years. USGS draft map]

Please review the maps and documentation and send your comments and concerns to

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