Thursday, April 24, 2008

UA geologist kills rabid bobcat with rock hammer

Rich Thompson, a lecturer in the Geosciences Dept at UA killed a rabid bobcat with his rock hammer last Saturday, after it attacked him and his wife while hiking in the Santa Rita Mountains south of Tucson. The story hit the local papers yesterday and today it's all over the world. Katrina Mangin, who is a marine biologist at UA had to fight the bobcat off when it leapt onto her leg and back.

International Herald Tribune
Rabid bobcat attacks hikers outside Tucson;
man uses geologist's hammer to kill it


  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Sounds like they need another hiking partner called Smith&Wesson. Interesting story.

  2. Walk softly and carry a pick hammer. What should be acknowledged though, is that the most potent weapon this geologist was carrying with him was his training as a geoscientist. Many of us had to spar with wild animals in order to pass our PhD exams. I myself blinded a wolverine with my Brunton, and declawed him with my HCl.