Sunday, November 08, 2009

AZGS presentation to Ad Hoc Committee on Mining Regulations

We got confirmation that I'm scheduled to make a presentation to the Arizona Legislature's Ad Hoc Committee on Mining Regulations at their next meeting on Monday, Nov 16. The agenda should be released this coming Tuesday.

The Committee is looking at ways to increase investment in mining in Arizona, improve government efficiency, and coordinate data among agencies. I'm preparing my remarks to explain the AZGS mission and recent activities, reports, and accomplishments and to show the data integration capabilities we have developed that can be readily deployed for mining and mineral resource data in Arizona. [right, mineral map of Arizona. AZGS]

AZGS is building the Geoscience Information Network (GIN) for use by the State Geological Surveys nationwide, the USGS, and the DOE-funded National Geothermal Data System, in partnership with major technology companies including Microsoft, Schlumberger-MetaCarta, and others. Energistics, Inc. is adopting the GIN and NGDS as the prototype data integration mechanism for their consortium of 97 national, international, and multinational oil companies.

We are configuring Arizona mineral and map information for integration into the system now.

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