Sunday, November 07, 2010

Lake Mead's lowest level; more drought forecast

Lake Mead hit its all time lowest water level since the dam was built, generating a lot of angst and prophesizing.

Scientific American posted a follow on story about long term drought forecasts in the Southwest U.S. and other areas. They argue that "a new analysis using a standard drought index augurs that by the end of the century devastating drought conditions will take hold over much of the populated areas of the world."

Whether this is from anthropogenic climate change or natural variabilities is still under study. [right, Lake Mead. Credit, National Park Service]

The authors of the study posit that human influence on the climate is still small relative to the natural changes over the past 50 years, although they note that human induced changes are expected to become much more significant.

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  1. Anonymous3:19 AM

    I personally believe that we have all become lax and taken grave advantage of our natural resources. Greed, surely brought us here and will intensify when rations are inn need. Example, Hurricane Katrina just for one. We really need to pull it together and teach this next generation, else it be too late. Guilty Too