Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rosemont Copper plans for mine development in early 2014

Rosemont Copper could start construction of its proposed mine in the first quarter of 2014, if the Forest Service approvals are finalized as expected.   Rosemont's Rod Pace told the Arizona Mining Alliance luncheon crowd on Friday that the company needs the Final EIS, Record of Decision, Final Biological Opinion, and 404 Permit to be approved for them to begin work.  The ROD has a 105 day appeal process.  [Right, model of proposed mine development. Credit, Rosemont Copper]

Rod said they have spent over $90 million on equipment and the project is "construction ready."   Grinding mills have been paid for and delivered and other major equipment was ordered and is waiting for Rosemont to request delivery.

Final bid packages are being prepared for building the powerline, pipeline, and to complete archeological studies.  Work may begin on private lands west of the federal lands while the  Forest Service finalizes its decision process.

The Mining Alliance luncheon drew a capacity crowd including a large number of contractors and service companies interested in working on the Rosemont mine and other proposed mining projects around the region.


  1. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Rosemont must believe in miracles

  2. mike failla5:56 AM

    Miracles do happen. Sooner the better this mine gets going. A real benefit to the state as well as the citizens of this state. Miners need to work and a world class project such as this is hard to beat. Now if we could only get the resolution project done as well and also the passport potash industry in Holbrook. Sigh...maybe to much to wish for.