Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Havasu Canyon back in operation after flood damages water system

News reports last week about flooding in Havasu Canyon sounded dire with water supplies to Supai Village knocked out.   But news coming out of the remote area that has no road access to the outside world is that the flood was relatively minor and just hit a couple of sensitive spots. Our contacts report no major damage. Their water line broke but is now fixed. They said their sewer line across the river backed up but was not broken. 

They are pretty much back to normal it seems, and are celebrating their annual Peach Festival for four days this coming weekend. All housing and camping areas will be flooded with about 1,000+ Native Americans from all over Arizona and the Southwest. It will be quite an event.  [Right, mule pack train in Supai Village.  Mail and supplies to the village have to come by mule or helicopter. My photo]

AZGS geologist Brian Gootee will be heading down the canyon shortly to assess stability of trails and the slopes below tribal cemeteries that were damaged in previous floods, and offer advice on additional work to be done.

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