Saturday, September 14, 2013

New air photo coverage of Arizona available online

The Arizona Geographic Information Council (AGIC) reports that the latest statewide aerial photo coverage of Arizona from the National Aerial Imagery Program (NAIP) is complete and currently ready for distribution on the APFO Public web server. All imagery is not inspected – that will take place the next year. APFO is doing a crowd sourcing review of the AZ imagery at a public web service.

AGIC referenced a details web page which gives some information about how to use the map and its purpose.

For information on how to access the imagery

The location of the USDA Geospatial Data Gateway is

State based data services are at

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  1. Anonymous4:09 AM

    So what language is this in?

  2. The text looked fine to me but a couple of folks said they were seeing it in some kind of strange script. When I cut it out and pasted it into MS Word, it became indecipherable. So, I reformatted it and hope that it now appears in English to all viewers. Never seen that happen before.