Sunday, March 16, 2014

"Mining and You" series offers views on geology, history, politics

Tucson-based geologist has been publishing a series of articles about the geology, history, and politics of mining in Arizona, at both the Tucson Citizen and more recently, the Arizona Daily Independent.  [Right, Morenci copper mine.  Credit, Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold]

Here's a sampling of his recent articles:

History of the Florence Copper Deposit

Responsible Development of Our Domestic Mineral Resources Crucial to Meeting 21st Century Challenges

Update: The following articles were originally posted at the Tucson Citizen, but they have now dropped their citizen bloggers.  All of David's posts from there are now available at 

  • Rosemont Copper's Actions Speak Louder than the Words of its Opponents
  • 60th anniversary of the Tucson gem and mineral show
  • Arizonans are looking forward to Rosemont Copper's approval
  • Supergene Enrichment
  • Mining and You - All Jobs are Important
  • What is a porphyry copper deposit?

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