Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Canal will extend Gulf of California into Arizona

Plans were announced today to dig a 245-mile long canal from the northern Gulf of California into southwestern Arizona to flood the region with sea water creating new economic opportunities and beach-front housing across thousands of square miles of mostly uninhabited desert.    The City of Phoenix could become one of America’s busiest seaports under the plan.

Hector Fledermaus, President of the Southwestern North America Financial Union (SNAFU) unveiled the plan at a press conference in Gila Bend, which would eventually be sunk under 150 feet of water when the project is complete.

Fledermaus said this is the biggest SNAFU project ever undertaken including canal, pumps, and a set of locks like in the Panama Canal to keep the water from draining back into the Gulf.

“We considered waiting for global warming to melt the Greenland ice cap and letting this happen naturally but decided that we wanted the big bucks now,” Fledermaus said.    “We will start platting out home sites on the beaches-to-be of the new Gulf of Arizona by June and accepting deposits from buyers by year end.”

SANFU is working with Princess Cruise Lines to make Phoenix a new port destination, and with the Tohono O’odham Tribe to launch floating casinos on their part of the new inland sea.
The Defense Department will convert part of the Goldwater Test Range in western Arizona into a submarine training base.

Potential buyers and investors can learn more at www.bigf#@kingSNAFU.com

And that's the news for April 1.


  1. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Now that is to funny. It is also at some level a pretty neat idea!

  2. I'm having trouble getting that link to work, I want to know where to invest

  3. Joe, you can send the money to me. I'll make sure it's well used.

  4. good one! I look forward to these every year!

  5. Anonymous12:24 PM

    I found this a few days late... and was thinking.... "Is there below-sea-level real estate in Arizona?... Water has to flow downhill?"