Saturday, June 28, 2014

AZGS moves to new office in Phoenix

The AZGS Phoenix branch completed a move to new office space, co-located with the Arizona Dept. of Water Resources.  We are occupying part of the 4th floor, above ADWR.   The address is 3550 N. Central Ave, Phoenix. Phone numbers and email for staff will remain the same.

AZGS moved out of the "temporary" space occupied since the former ADMMR had to move out of the old mineral museum into unused lab space across the parking lot.  ADMMR was then merged with AZGS and we advised our state landlord that the space would not work long term because of the lack of public access, size and layout, and need for renovation.

Our Phoenix team will be unpacking and arranging files and the library for a while but are open for business.  Visitors are already coming in.   Check in with the ADWR visitors desk.

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  1. Meanwhile the mineral museum building stands empty as the Arizona Historical Society tries to decide what to do with it. The following test is from their FY 2015 state (taxpayer funded) budget.

    The Arizona Historical Society shall submit a joint report
    with the Arizona Department of Administration to the
    Joint Legislative Budget Committee on the options for use
    of the now vacant Mining and Mineral Museum at 1502
    W. Washington Street. The options may include, but are
    not limited to, reopening the space as a museum,
    converting the space into offices or sale of the facility.
    The report shall address the costs of each option. The
    report shall also include both Arizona Historical Society’s
    and the department’s recommended option. The report is
    due on or before November 28, 2014.