Monday, August 04, 2014

Four earthquakes east of Kingman

We have now recorded signals from four earthquakes last night, east of Kingman, ranging in magnitude from M2.0 to M3.1:

M 3.0 at 8:35 pm local time
M 2.0 at 9:55 pm local time
M 3.1 at 11:57 pm local time
M 2.7 at 12:19 am local time
The epicenters are about 25-30 miles east of Kingman, and north of highway I-40
 Dr. Jeri Young, AZGS geologist who runs our statewide seismic network, relocated the first event that the USGS reported and has added locations for the next two events using data from our Kingman and other stations. [Above.  
Red circles mark epicenters] The USGS is currently showing the locations for only the first event.
Neither the Sheriff or ADOT report any blasting in the area.  

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