Friday, February 06, 2015

Making copper the official state metal of Arizona

 Arizona has a state fossil - petrified wood, and a state gemstone - turquoise.   Under a new bill, SB1441, Arizona would designate copper as the state metal.

 The list of official state emblems includes:
a)      state colors- blue and old gold;
b)      state fossil- petrified wood;
c)      state bird- cactus wren;
d)     state flower- saguaro blossom;
e)      state tree- palo verde;
f)       state neckwear- bola tie;
g)      state gemstone- turquoise;
h)      state animals- ringtail, Arizona ridgenose rattlesnake, Apache trout and Arizona tree frog;
i)        state butterfly- two-tailed swallowtail;
j)        state nickname- The Grand Canyon State; and
k)      state firearm- Colt Single Action Army Revolver. 

Many states have a state mineral but Nevada designated silver as the official state metal in 1977.

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