Sunday, June 28, 2015

Jerome's Sliding Jail landslide is moving

In the 1930s a landslide in the center of the city of Jerome is credited with moving the jail house hundreds of feet downslope.  In fact, the building was moved to get it on more stable ground.  But this spring, part of the landslide started moving again.    City officials have blocked off part of a parking lot where large cracks are continuing to grow. [Top, view to the northwest, with Sliding Jail in center background.  My photo.] ADOT is monitoring the movement because of the potential for impacts on US 89A.  Otherwise there does not seem to be much of a threat to property, in large part due to the city keeping development off the old landslide complex.

AZGS is working with city and ADOT officials to monitor and assess the movement.   [Bottom, view to the east.  The pipe carries away rain runoff to prevent it from running into the slide mass. My photo.]

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  1. Talk about a bad-luck highway number. You would think they would have changed it by now.

    Since they changed old highway 666 to 191, there has been a remarkable decline in beast and devil sightings between Hannagan Meadow and Clifton.