Monday, December 07, 2015

$100 million cost to permit Rosemont copper mine

The permitting process for the Rosemont copper mine south of Tucson will cost $100 million. That figure was reported by Kathy Arnold of HudBay Minerals in a talk today at the annual SME Tucson conference.

HudBay bought out Augusta Resources, former owner of the Rosemont project, in mid-2014 as a result of Augusta's challenge in finding enough resources to complete the permitting process.

Opponents of the mine have been upfront in proclaiming their strategy of dragging out the permitting process as long as possible in order to make it too expensive for the mining company to continue.

The average time to permit a new mine in the US is now 10 years, the longest period among developed countries, and the second longest in the world.


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