Friday, August 26, 2016

4,278 Blog Posts & Counting!

Lee Allison first started the 'Arizona Geology: blog of the State Geologist of Arizona' in 2007 and faithfully posted until his death on 16 August 2016.  In nine years, Lee posted 4,278 blog posts. The content ranged widely from geologic news of the Arizona Geological Survey, to the moratorium on mining in the Arizona Strip, to regional, national and international events impacting the geosciences. Recent posts focused on the changing circumstances of the Survey as we transferred from state government to the University of Arizona.

One of Lee's most heartfelt projects was communicating advances in the geosciences far and wide. To honor Lee, AZGS staff will continue his Arizona Geology blog. We'll involve multiple bloggers addressing their passion for geoscience.

The Arizona Geology blog will always bear the indelible fingerprints of Lee Allison. And that is as it should be.

Our Arizona Geology e-Newsletter has an article on Lee and some of his accomplishments.

AZGS Staff

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