Thursday, March 09, 2017

LARA Committee passes AZGS' funding bill (SB1184 ) 7-0

Sen. Gail Griffin testifying before LARA
The Arizona House Land, Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee passed SB 1184, AZGS' funding bill, 7-0 this morning. Senator Griffin introduced and defended the bill. Arizona Rock Products Association's executive director, Steve Trussell, was on hand to voice his support. AZGS had three other supporters at the Capitol today.

LARA Chair Rep. Barton
The objective of SB1184 is to re-establish AZGS' state-allocated funds at the 2016 level of $941,000. There are more hurdles to leap, but the Senate and now the House appear to be in full support of the bill and in re-establishing funding for the Survey.
Steve Trussell testifying before LARA

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