Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Geoscience and Arizona - coming soon from AGI

Front page of 2-p Factsheet
The American Geosciences Institute in Washington D.C. is pioneering a nationwide program going state-by-state to examine the geoscience resources, funding, and research environment in each state. New Mexico was the latest beneficiary; Geoscience and New Mexico released just the other day. Arizona is next in the queue.

Information broadcast in the Geoscience state series:
  • Energy & mineral production
  • Geoscience workforce
  • Water
  • Natural hazards
  • Geologic mapping 
  • National Science Foundation funds distributed since FY 2015
  • NASA, NOAA, EPA and major federal facilities footprints. 
This is a great contribution to individual state surveys and may be the vehicle to launch 1,000 geoscience conversations. We'll certainly let you know when Geoscience and Arizona is released.

Last, thanks AGI for a great and powerful geoscience product. (AGI StateFactSheets)
posted 4/18/2017 mc

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