Thursday, October 11, 2012

Groundwater discharge by plants in Arizona's Basin & Range

Vegetation in the Basin and Range area of southern Arizona discharges a maximum estimated annual volume of groundwater between 1.4 and 1.9 billion cubic meters per year with an annual average of 1.6 billion cubic meters, according to a new study published by USGS authors in the Journal of Arid Environment.   
 See?  If we just got rid of all them pesky plants, we'd save all that water, and we could see the rocks so much better.   [that's a joke, son]

Ref:  A simple method for estimating basin-scale groundwater discharge by vegetation in the basin and range province of Arizona using remote sensing information and geographic information systems, 2012, Tillman, F. D.; Callegary, J. B.; Nagler, P. L.; Glenn, E. P., Journal of Arid Environments, 82: 44 - 52

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