Monday, July 21, 2008

Minor uplift from groundwater recharge in Phoenix area

Four areas in Phoenix's west valley are seeing minor uplift since the initiation of groundwater recharge. Geologists with the Arizona Dept of Water Resources, using InSAR satellite inteferometry data, have seen uplift in the Vidler, Hieroglyphics, Tonopah, and NAUSP areas. ADWR geologist Brian Conway reports that the Tonopah recharge site [right, brighter colors indicate greater amounts. Credit ADWR] has seen 2.5 centimeters of uplift since the beginning of 2006 when basin recharge began. in its basins.

Brian calls the Tonopah recharge uplift "quite impressive, encompassing more than fifty square miles. A couple of ADWR Index Wells that are located in the area of uplift have shown a dramatic increase in the groundwater level. Some wells have had the groundwater level come up more than one hundred feet in one year after the uplift reached that area."

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