Friday, September 10, 2010

Group supports uranium exploration, mining for nuclear power

The American Clean Energy Resources Trust (ACERT) is promoting the "multiple benefits of clean, affordable nuclear energy and the consequent need for continued domestic uranium exploration, mining and processing." [right, unnamed reclaimed uranium mine site from the ACERT site]

The groups web page is focused mostly on the uranium resources of Northern Arizona and added a new page encouraging support for:
  • Increased use of nuclear energy in the U.S.
  • Greater U.S. energy independence
  • Responsible uranium mining in northern Arizona
  • Keeping northern Arizona open to uranium mining
The group makes sharp criticism of fossil fuel power plants as the prime source of air pollution that they identify (using National Park Service materials) as the biggest threat to the Grand Canyon.

Thanks to Jim Vroman for the tip on this group.


  1. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Noticed your blog about ACERT on your web site this morning. ACERT is the lobbying arm of several uranium companies including Denison Mines, VANE Minerals, Quaterra, Uranium One, and 1 or 2 others with breccia pipe holdings in northern Arizona.

    While these companies preach a good line about nuclear power and its benefits for the planet, which I fully agree with, their exploration and mining practices don't always conform with what they're saying. I can say this because I was a former employee of one of these companies and have first hand knowledge of what really takes place in the field, and what's been and is being hidden from various agencies that should be keeping a much closer eye on these companies operations.

  2. Ahh...I recognize you immediately,Anonymous. I know who you are! Disgruntled former employee. Didn't work but wanted all the perks and more for little or no production. There are too many of you in America today!
    You could get off your duff and look at the real issue which is mining our own resources instead of having to buy on the international market. Why don't you use your spare time to educate yourself. Start reading the Federal Register on a daily basis so you will know first hand just how many millions of acres your government is TAKING from the American people. It is time we all look beyond the ends of our noses to see the real threat to ALL mining activities!