Wednesday, September 01, 2010

NASA Desert RATS back in Arizona

NASA’s Desert RATS, or Research and Technology Studies, kicked off their 13th field season in Arizona with a live web cast aimed at students today.

NASA reports that the hardware being demonstrated includes:
  • Space Exploration Vehicles – a pair of rovers that astronauts will live in for 7 days at a time
  • Habitat Demonstration Unit/Pressurized Excursion Module – a simulated habitat where the rovers can dock to allow the crew room to perform experiments or deal with medical issues
  • Tri-ATHLETEs, or -Terrain Hex-Legged Extra-Terrestrial Explorer – two heavy-lift rover platforms that allow the habitat, or other large items, to go where the action is
  • portable communications terminals
  • Centaur 2 – a possible four-wheeled transportation method for NASA Robonaut 2
  • Portable Utility Pallets, or PUPs for short – mobile charging stations for equipment
  • And a suite of new geology sample collection tools, including a self-contained GeoLab glove box for conducting in-field analysis of various collected rock samples.
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More news at ASU.

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