Saturday, June 23, 2012

Back in the blogging saddle

The past few months have been busier than ever at AZGS with almost non-stop travel for me as part of our growing portfolio of funded projects and roles in national programs.    But other than a one-day meeting in Houston, I expect to be in the office for maybe three weeks. Time to get back to blogging.  And answering the remaining hundreds of emails.  Oh, and getting the new fiscal year budget finalized.  And..., oh well, you know the drill.

Anyway, the national geothermal data project we are running is picking up momentum.  Data are pouring forth from the State Geological Surveys.  The DOE external peer review report just came back with glowing results.  We're moving into the third year and full operational mode.

I haven't talked much about the NSF EarthCube initiative to build a national cyberinfrastructure with the geosciences serving as the prototype.    AZGS is leading the development of the governance roadmap and we are members of a few of the technical work groups.  The national 'charrette' last week identified the challenges left to integrate all the various components into a functioning system of systems.   

The new AZGS-run "Arizona Experience" store in Tucson is readying to re-open as a one-stop shop for state and federal publications, maps,hunting and fishing licenses, tourism info, and a lot more.   Stay tuned for word of the official grand opening.

There's lots of news about these and other AZGS activities plus the Arizona geology world is just as busy as ever.   

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