Thursday, April 04, 2013

More potash exploration coreholes permitted in Holbrook basin

Passport Potash has received permits  (Arizona permits #1139-1145) for 7 more exploration core holes on their land holdings in the Holbrook basin potash play.  The Arizona Oil & Gas Conservation Commission permits these holes because they drill through potentially oil and gas bearing strata.   [Right, land status map.  Passport's lands are light blue on west side.  Credit, Passport Potash report]


  1. Why doesn't the map show the current up-to-date boundaries of Petrified Forest National Park?

  2. The map in the post is from the NI-43-101 report prepared by consultant's to Passport Potash. You need to take up your question with them. Their map shows the federally owned lands within the park boundaries.

    The map we use on the Arizona Oil & Gas Conservation Commission site that shows permit locations does include the boundary extension signed into law by President Bush, although the private and state lands were never purchased to add to the park.

    Much of Passport's land holdings are inside the park boundary but are private and state trust lands.