Friday, April 26, 2013

Stories on today's Arizona Mining Review online video magazine

This month's episode of Arizona Mining Review will be broadcast live at 10AM MST  (10 PDT/1pm EDT) today at  It will be recorded and available later on our YouTube channel.    [update 5-6-13:   it is posted at]

Our guests include Dorothy Kosich, Deputy Editor of on the Obama budget impacts on mining and mineral resources,   Kent Hill from ASU on the new report on the economic impact of mining on the Arizona economy, and Ted Himebaugh, from Kennecott Copper, on the Bingham Canyon copper mine landslide.

Nyal Niemuth from AZGS is going to brief us on a proposed in situ copper project near the town of Miami.  [we ran out of time, so will get Nyal back on next month]

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