Sunday, December 07, 2014

Governor-elect sets up Transition Teams for State Lands, Water, Energy, & Environment

Governor-elect Doug Ducey [right] has set up half a dozen subcommittees as part of his transition team, including one to address State Trust Lands and one on Water, Environment, and Energy.   Co-chairs were announced for each.

His website - - said he is "committed to managing Arizona’s state trust land to maximize a value for its beneficiaries. These co-chairs have significant experience working with state government managing its public lands. They’ll be able to counsel Ducey regarding these issues with Arizona’s best interests in mind."   The co-chairs are:
  • Steve Betts, Former SunCor Development Company President 
  • Cheryl Lombard, Government Relations Director of the Arizona Chapter of The Nature Conservancy 
Ducey said, “Managing our state’s assets is key in my role as state treasurer and it will be just as important as governor. In order to best benefit all Arizonans, I need to ensure we are managing our assets as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

The subcommittee on water, environmental and energy issue is being chaired by:
    •    Lisa Atkins, Board Member, Central Arizona Project
    •    Jose Esparza, Vice President/Energy Solutions, Southwest Gas Corporation
    •    Pat Graham, State Director, The Nature Conservancy in Arizona

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