Saturday, May 02, 2015

EarthCube All Hands Meeting organized by AZGS

AZGS is organizing the annual All Hands Meeting for the National Science Foundation's EarthCube program, to be held in Arlington VA, May 27-29.   EarthCube is testing the ability to build a community-led cyberinfrastructure for the geosciences.   AZGS is running the Test Enterprise Governance project which is in the midst of a year-long demonstration phase testing out community recommendations on coordination, collaboration, and communication.    AZGS also manages the EarthCube website,     

The AZGS project coordinators put together a brief video showcasing expectations for the upcoming meeting.  Each of the 25+ funded projects in the EarthCube program will be demonstrating their progress and in particular, showing how their work can be used by geoscientists to work more effectively in the digital environment.

AZGS will be reporting on the results of the Demonstration Governance phase and our recommendations for a longer-term strategy to facilitate community agreement on a system architecture. 

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