Monday, November 16, 2015

2 million page views

This blog passed the 2 million page views level today, so thanks to all of you readers.   It probably passed that point some time ago, but I did not start tracking analytics until a year into blogging.   

I've made over 4,100 posts since beginning, but this past year my blogging has dropped off precipitously.    That is a factor of being over-committed on projects, and a recognition that more viewers visit our Facebook page run by Mike Conway.  The Facebook page is actually better suited for a lot of the more regular announcements that I used to post here.

Our Facebook page also reaches out to a larger more diverse audience. Arizona Geology is still targeted to the geoscience community.    But I've also heard from a number of news reporters who follow the site to catch items that would be good stories.  

 So, onward!

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