Sunday, November 15, 2015

My op-ed on geologic hazards published in Arizona Republic

The Arizona [Phoenix] Republic newspaper published my editorial piece today on geologic hazards in Arizona.  This was prompted by the Black Canyon City earthquakes on November 1 which were felt over much of central Arizona.  The online version  - - has additional photos, videos, and live links to many of the geologic events I reference in the article.  [Right, earth fissure in the Queen Creek area, 2006. Credit, Bryan Macfarlane, AZGS]

I concluded that "We have only to look around us at the dramatic landscapes of Arizona to appreciate the power of natural events that throw up mountains and volcanoes, carve immense canyons and constantly sculpt the land beneath our feet.

The geologic forces that created Arizona also create hazards and risks for us. Recent earthquakes are just one reminder of that."
Last weekend I also did a live radio broadcast (KTAR, Phoenix and syndicated statewide) with Rosie Romero, host of "Rosie on the House" talking about earthquakes and landslides.   The show is podcast at, in Segments 3 and 4.

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