Sunday, March 27, 2016

Op-ed supports preservation of AZGS mission, services

Tucson-based consulting geologist David Briggs published an opinion piece in the Arizona Independent newspaper urging the preservation of the services and products of the Arizona Geological Survey, in response the Gov. Ducey's plan to transfer our duties to the University of Arizona, effective this coming July 1.

David's concluding  paragraph states:

In January 2016, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey released his Proposed Executive Budget for Fiscal Year 2017, where he recommended consolidating the AZGS with the University of Arizona.  This proposed restructuring of state government has raised concerns among many in the Arizona’s geological community, who fear it will severely limit the Arizona Geological Survey’s ability to serve the citizens of Arizona.  I urge those who will ultimately determine the fate of the Arizona Geological Survey to find a way for it to continue the important work it has done for the citizens of Arizona.
The details of the transfer are being worked out by officials in the Governor's office and the University. Some of the plan may be revealed with the fiscal year 2017 budget bills are released, which is expected in the next few weeks.

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  1. Anonymous4:09 AM

    It seems that some on the governors staff seem to have no concept of what minerals and geology mean to this state. Is there an assault going on here?