Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Senate vote imminent on geologist de-licensing bill

An email sent out to Arizona members of AIPG reports that the bill to eliminate licensing of geologists and other professions in Arizona (HB2613) is set to be discussed in Senate Caucus today and could be voted on by the entire Senate by Wednesday or Thursday this week.

AIPG, other local professional associations, and industry groups are attempting to amend the bill to remove geologists from it.  

In a related action, the Senate Commerce and Workforce Development Committee adopted an amendment removing the requirement that the State Geologist of Arizona must be registered. Instead anyone meeting the requirements of a "trained geologist" can be appointed to the position.   A 'trained geologist" means a person who has:
1.  earned a geology degree from an accredited educational institution
2. participated in geological work experience outside of an educational institution for at least four years

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