Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Impacts reported on the downsizing, transfer of AZGS

As AZGS shuts down our publicly accessible geological libraries in Phoenix and Tucson, "The public sphere of knowledge, the one that anyone can access, shrinks. The private sphere grows and becomes available only to insiders or those who can pay the price" according to a column by Tim Steller in today's Arizona [Tucson] Daily Star.     [Right, volunteers empty the library shelves in Phoenix for storage in anticipation of re-estalbishing the library if the old mining and mineral museum can be re-opened.]

Steller wrote that "It’s true the geological survey is different from typical state agencies, in that it performs research projects and provides information. And when your philosophy of governing is that less is more, then naturally you’ll look askance at oddball offices like this."

We are opening the library and publications store room today to offer remaining books, journals, maps, etc to those who can use them.   Anything remaining by week's end, is likely to be trashed.

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