Monday, June 13, 2016

Volunteers show up in force to preserve AZGS library

Our volunteers showed up in force today to empty the library shelves in the AZGS Phoenix in preparation for moving everything into storage in  the old mining and mineral museum later this month.

The group did an amazing job of getting the entire library and remaining files loaded onto rolling carts and all the shelves dismantled.  Movers will haul the carts to the museum on June 25, where volunteers will reassemble the shelves. We have two weeks to unload the carts and put the volumes back on the shelves.  This is the most efficient and least costly way to preserve the library.

The AZGS Phoenix office is being closed as a result of the consolidation of state agencies. The main Tucson office will move to the University of Arizona with a 75% reduction in space.  We are highgrading materials from that library.

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