Wednesday, January 30, 2008

AZGS website usage up ten-fold

In 2007, AZGS transferred 4.5 terabytes of data and reports from our website to users. Usage increased roughly ten times during the year, with the biggest jump occurring in June with the release of the earth fissure planning maps.

Our homepage is the main entry point, followed in order of decreasing numbers by:

  • Earth Fissure Planning Maps (over 34,000 copies downloaded plus another 10,000 copies of the program report)
  • "Arizona Geology" (our quarterly newsletter)
  • Publications
  • Minerals
  • Hazards
  • Employment

We now host four 4 web sites -

  • which covers the AZGS programs
  • for the Arizona Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, an independent state commission that we staff and support
  • a portal for the earth science cyberinfrastructure community
  • for the Arizona Land Subsidence Group, a professional group of engineers and geologists who help advise AZGS on natural hazards issues.

A new web page is in development for the outreach-information center/mapstore we are getting ready to open in downtown Phoenix in partnership with the US Bureau of Land Management.


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