Thursday, January 03, 2008


A year ago, when I started this blog, I tried to find examples of other geology blogs that I could learn from and maybe emulate. I didn't find as much as I expected.

The world today, however, is much different. The "Geoblogosphere" is alive, vibrant, diverse, exciting, and pervasive. A quick look around easily finds scads of blogs, geo-news feeds abundant, and a whole online community proliferating. Here is a just a sampling of the geology-related blogs out there:
Go to many of these and find links to dozens of others. I was pleasantly surprised to find other bloggers have picked up items from this blog and put their own perspective on them or simply passed them along to other readers. So, I'm energized after taking a quick tour of what others are doing and want to learn from them, track more of the current geo-news and activities and make Arizona Geology more relevant and interesting this next year. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Thanks for the link...the geoblogosphere has grown and become more connected over the last year. It's great to see.