Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mixed state of science and engineering in Arizona

Arizona does poorly in science and technology education and workforce development, has mixed results in R&D outputs, yet excels in high tech business formation and funding. These are the results in the 103 pages of the State Indicators section of the National Science Board “Science and Engineering Indicators 2008” report released Tuesday (

We are in the top quartile in engineers as part of the workforce but in the bottom in life and physical scientists. We also excel in the percentage of S&E graduates, aged 18-24, but are in the bottom ranking for S&E as a percentage of all advanced degrees.

Arizona is in the second tier in high tech employment and in the top tier for new high tech business formation.

Admittedly my perusal of this report is cursory, but the bright spots in this report for Arizona are on the jobs and business side. We look weak in education and preparation of our students to take advantage of the opportunities out there.

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