Sunday, March 30, 2008

Beeline Hwy slide started at least two days earlier

Rosie Romero, host of the popular "Rosie on the House" radio show and newspaper column, spotted the early stages of the Beeline Hwy landslide two days before it closed that road on Friday, March 21. Rosie was returning to Phoenix along State Route 87 with his family on Wednesday, when he excitedly pointed out rifts and scarps in the hill above the road to them.

Rosie had me on his weekly show Saturday morning (KTAR 92.3 in Phoenix; KNST 790 in Tucson) to talk about the landslide. He described how striking the features were that later developed into the slide that closed the highway for 6 days.

ADOT is instrumenting the slide to monitor for any further movement.

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