Thursday, March 13, 2008

Is it time to buy a gold mine in Arizona?

The price of gold passed $1,000 an ounce this morning which no doubt will be a major news story throughout the day.

So, is it time to think about opening your own gold mine? The latest report from the Arizona Dept. of Mines & Mineral Resources includes this list of gold prospects for sale:

Ambassador: Precambrian gold and silver deposit with underground and possible open pit.
Bonanza: Detachment fault gold / silver deposit. Former Phelps Dodge project.
Bouse: Gold and silver detachment fault deposit in La Paz County, Arizona. Former Homestake Gold project.
Clara Moro, Silverfield Gold: Gold deposit in detachment fault environment. The Clara property has encouraging results from a drill campaign by Nevada Pacific. The Silverfield may be a hot springs high grade gold / silver deposit in detachment fault environment. Its close to Clara Moro and could be jointly explored.
Ester Basin: Gold, silver and copper deposit spatially associated with diatreme in detachment fault environment. Former Phelps Dodge project.
McCracken Gold: Gold with silver and copper in breccia zone adjacent to one of Arizona’s historic silver producers.
Mockingbird: Gold and silver deposit related to detachment fault. Anaconda / Chevron work indicated potential.
North Rawhide: Upper plate gold, silver and copper deposit. Former Phelps Dodge project.
Oatman: A dozen mines in Arizona’s largest primary gold district. Includes patented Lexington gold mine. High-grade Tertiary vein deposit in volcanics with potential for low-grade open pit resource.
South Copperstone: Large contiguous claim block adjacent to the Copperstone Mine, Arizona’s largest recent open pit gold producer.


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