Saturday, September 19, 2009

M5.1 Baja quake ripples through Yuma

A magnitude 5.1 earthquake hit just before 4 pm this afternoon in Baja California about 23 miles south of Mexicali and 65 miles WSW from Yuma. The intensity felt in the Yuma area was in the III range, considered weak, and unlikely to cause structural damage.

A half dozen aftershocks have been recorded since then with the largest at magnitude 4.2.

At least 150 Yuma residents have reported feeling the quake so far.


  1. Anonymous8:12 AM

    I've read that it will take about a 6+ magnitude quake at the southernmost point of the San Andreas to trigger the overdue southern part of the San Andreas.

    I think the Southern San Andreas will likely rupture in the lifetime of most of us - unless the San Jacinto Fault Zone has enough of a quake that might possibly bleed off pressure. Do you think a big quake on the San Jacinto will lesson pressure on the San Andreas - or is this all too complicated and not well-enough understood to make such conjecture?

    Thomas Donlon

  2. I hope nobody got injured during the quake