Sunday, September 27, 2009

Public evaluation of AZGS programs invited

We invite you to evaluate our programs to help us decide what will be eliminated in the next round of state budget cuts.

By October 9 we have to submit to the Governor's Office of Strategic Planning & Budget a plan for an overall reduction of 30% of the appropriation for the second half of the fiscal year to take effect in January, and to transfer to the state treasury, 15% of our publication sales revenues, indirect costs from federal contracts used to provide technical and admin support, and 15 % of the total value of all non-federal contracts and grants. OSPB will review our proposals along with those from other state agencies before deciding which to implement to meet the estimated remaining state budget shortfall of $1 billion.

Because of previous cuts and current fixed costs, we anticipate this level of cuts will result in the elimination of 3/4 of the funding for AZGS geology programs authorized or mandated by state statute. The AZGS web page lists 24 programs we currently carry out, with statutes, brief descriptions, and approximate state fund allocations.

We need your input on the value and importance of each program. The results will be shared with an external panel from the Arizona geoscience community (business, industry, government, academia) scheduled to meet in our offices on October 6 to review all our programs and make recommendations to us on what to keep and what to eliminate.

Please take the survey and let us know what is important to you! Your additional comments are strongly encouraged at the end of the survey.

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